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I have had an interest in art since I was a small child.

Spending time in Southeast Asia growing up only increased my passion for colours, cultures, plants and languages. Asia is so rich in culture, everywhere you look you can see bright and vibrant colors.

There are also many impressions to be seen in everyday life, in every corner where you look.

This is also the reason why, in my opinion, traveling is the best way to experience all the things described. i love to travel

After moving to Germany, getting married and spending many years in the business field, the pandemic hit us and I realized how much I miss working with art.

During the lockdown I also started drawing again. During this time I realized how much I would like to devote all my time to art.

My website shows my drawings so far, inspired by my described passions.

All products shown are hand-printed or hand-sewn in Europe by people who also share my sustainability values. All drawings shown are first painted by hand and then processed digitally.

Some will be added over time to freshen up the site. So don't hesitate to browse!

With my Poppi & Peaseblossom art I hope to enchant your eyes and show you the world through my eyes.

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