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Poppi&Peaseblosom is continuously trying to work towards a sustainable use of the environment.

We use water-based colours, which are non-toxic, safe and vegan. The colours used are certified according to Oeko-Tex. They are are non-hazardous for the environment and safe to be used for childrens’ clothing. Furthermore, these colours are colourfast according to American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC).

All shown products are free from animal components and are suitable for vegans.

The product will only be made after you placed your order and is then delivered from the nearest house to you. Therefore the transport distance to the customer is smaller and so automatically the carbon dioxide footprint is reduced. Through this way of operation, we don’t do excessive storage and overproduction of products.This demand-oriented way of working saves resources and puts less strain on the environment. This way no overproduction has to be destroyed or any unsold goods are burnt.

The art print methods used are environmentally friendlier comparing to traditional print methods, since less water is used during the print process.Waste resulting during the process is recycled by certified waste management companies. Unusable or unsellable product, e.g. resulting from defective handling, is donated to local charity organisations.

Packaging used is made from former plastic bags or bottles and is easily recyclable. Used paper materials are bio-degradable and are mostly made out of recycled cardboard. Polymailer bags are made from biodegradable materials.

To the greatest possible extent, materials used for the label are natural, sustainable and certified organic. So materials and methods applied in the process have a small impact on the environment. Whenever possible, no plastic is used for delivery.

As an independent designer I continuously aim to make the label sustainable and to take our social responsibility into account. Where it is not possible to work 100% sustainable in the supply chain, we are committing ourselves to the donations of trees. These tree donations go to reforestation projects of the associations Bergwaldprojekt e.V. for Germany, and Lebenswaldprojekt of BOS Germany e.V. for the rainforest of Borneo.With these projects we therefore would reduce our carbon footprint and give back their natural habitat to countless endangered species.

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