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Small Cotton Twill Tote Bag Butterfly

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This butterfly-print bag is a versatile and practical addition to any everyday look. The material is environmentally friendly and made from durable organic cotton corduroy and is also suitable for vegans.

The bag has spacious compartments inside and offers plenty of space for your shopping, books and much more.

This bag is handmade to order. The design is done by me and the bag is printed by hand in Europe. This makes each bag unique.

The fabric is certified organic. The material was grown with organic compost and only biological pest control is used. No synthetic or genetically modified substances were used in the production of this raw product.

  • 100% certified organic cotton, 3/1 corduroy
  • Organic certified according to GOTS, OCS standard
  • vegan
  • Print size, on one side
  • Dimensions; 40.6 cm x 35.6 cm x 12.7 cm
  • Maximum load: 13.6 kg
  • 2.5 cm wide double straps, 62.2 cm length
  • Open main compartment

Care instructions

Organic fabric corduroy bags can be machine washed on a cold cycle without bleach. They must not be dry cleaned.

The printed product can be tumble dried on a low cycle, but it is best to let it air dry.
If necessary, they can be ironed at a low temperature.
They should ideally be ironed inside out. The print must not be ironed.

Follow these instructions carefully to avoid fading or damaging the print. The item may also shrink if you wash or dry it at too high a temperature.


The stated amount does not include VAT according to Section 19 UStG

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