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Zufälle im August

Coincidences in August

For thousands of years apples have been grown in Europe and Asia.
Juicy and crisp when eaten raw, an apple is also a favourite ingredient for many desserts.
Coated as candy apples or baked as a pie, the varieties are endless.
There is one with crumbles, another scrumptious one with flaky crust, or an upside-down one such as Tarte Tatin.

It’s the variation when apples are caramelized in a butter and sugar mix before being baked in the oven.
This famous French dessert is as stated in Wiki named after the Tatin sisters.
Originally the pie creation was a coincidence.
When baking a basic apple pie, apples were left cooking burning too long in butter and sugar.
To rescue the pie, the pastry base was put upside-down on top of the pan.

New arrivals this month: Smartphone Cover Coral.
Lisa See wrote: “No coincidence, no story.”
Happy August to all of you and have fun browsing!
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